Friday, 10 December 2010

Parking ticket for dead man - Yahoo! Cars

Parking Tickets PackParking ticket for dead man - Yahoo! Cars: "parking warden ticketed a car in Cambridge without realising the driver was dead in the back seat.
The grey Nissan Qashqai was parked in a pay-and-display bay in a car park at the River Cam, Cambridge when it was ticketed.
The parking warden didn't see the man slumped in the back seat until after he had put the ticket on the car.
Other people parked in the car park thought the man, who was in his fifties, was sleeping in the car.
Parking wardens are forbidden from waking up people in cars in case doing so gives them a shock.
It's thought the driver had parked on Wednesday to do some Christmas shopping and that he suffered a heart attack when he returned to his car.
The police are not treating the as yet unnamed man's death as suspicious."


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