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Chenier (Big) Dupuy drew up a set of rules to live by after he finished a six-month prison sentence in 2008.

Chenier (Big) Dupuy drew up a set of rules to live by after he finished a six-month prison sentence in 2008.

But there was one key rule he forgot to follow.

Rule No. 11 on the reputed street gang leader's list -titled Ten Rules to Follow -was one that read "No jail. Fini."

Unfortunately for him the list was seized on Oct. 22, 2008, when Dupuy, alleged to be the head of the BoGars street gang, was arrested for drug trafficking.

He has been behind bars since then and yesterday prosecutor David Simon told Quebec Court Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer that the Crown would like to see Dupuy serve the equivalent of an eight-year prison term, less the time he has already served.

In April, Dupuy was convicted on four counts of trafficking in crack, cocaine, marijuana and hashish. The charges resulted from a Montreal police investigation that started only days after Dupuy was released after the six-month sentence he served on a conviction for assault and possession of a firearm.

Weeks after being placed under police surveillance following his release in September 2008, Dupuy was arrested while driving a Lexus that belonged to his girlfriend, Stephanie Castrilli, 23. Inside the trunk police found 2.27 kilograms of marijuana. Later that day, police searched an apartment on Jubinville St. in Laval and found two kilograms of marijuana, 300 grams of cocaine and 90 grams of crack inside a backpack.

Castrilli, who was tried with Dupuy, was convicted of trafficking in marijuana and hashish. A sentence hearing in her case has been scheduled for February.

Det.-Sgt. Jean-Claude Gauthier, a street gang expert for the Montreal police, testified at the sentencing hearing yesterday. Gauthier described Dupuy as the leader of the BoGars, a street gang based in Montreal North that has existed for nearly two decades. Gauthier referred to Dupuy's list of rules during his testimony and suggested it was proof Dupuy planned to expand his gang's reach.

Rule No. 9 for Dupuy was "expansion mtl, l.a., Stl, ont."

Gauthier said this is believed to be a reference to expansion into new drug trafficking turf for the BoGars. He said the initials Mtl is an obvious reference to Montreal while Stl and ont refer to St. Laurent Blvd. and Ontario St., streets that are known to have sections that are considered prime drug trafficking territory traditionally controlled by the Hells Angels and the Mafia. Gauthier said the Montreal police are currently making an effort to prevent street gang members from expanding onto St. Laurent Blvd.

A more ominous "rule" Dupuy felt he should follow indicated he was willing to go to war with rival criminal organizations.

The list of who he was willing to go to war with included traditional rival street gangs, like the Syndicate and the Kraz Brizz.

But it also included a reference to "Spaghetti." Gauthier said the reference "is obvious" but didn't elaborate. It is believed to be a reference to the Mafia in Montreal.

One of the other rules was philosophical. It read "rule the order within the disorder." Another was more banal and read like a reminder: "pay tickets, bills, taxes and GST." The second rule made reference to paying a bar 10 per cent of something and 25 per cent to something or someone else. According to Gauthier, this is a reference to payments pimps are known to make in strip bars where the women they control dance. Rule No. 6 was a reminder to find security for Dupuy's home, business and his son.

Defence lawyer Serge Lamontagne called Dupuy as the only witness for the defence. This produced a sometimes heated exchange between Dupuy and Simon when the prosecutor cross-examined him.

Dupuy denied being in the BoGars, let alone being its leader, and said he has felt the police immediately target him every time he gets out of prison.

"The BoGars, does it exist?" Simon asked at one point.

"Yes, it exists," Dupuy replied after denying several people listed in an intelligence report were members of the gang.

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