Friday, 17 October 2008

Warlocks Motorcycle Gang armed methamphetamine Gang that produced hundreds of pounds of the dangerous drug and distributed it all over

Heavily armed methamphetamine Gang that produced hundreds of pounds of the dangerous drug and distributed it all over our area. Now four suspects are under arrest.The investigation, known as "Operation Underground", focused on four individuals, who allegedly manufactured and distributed substantial quantities of meth across eastern Pennsylvania. Corbett says the Warlocks Motorcycle Gang were the main recipients of lots of meth cooked up in two labs in Berks and Montgomery Counties. The labs produced over 500 pounds of meth, worth millions of dollars.They had the firepower, they had the drugs and they generated plenty of cash. State investigators say when it came to producing home grown methamphetamine in our region, this was a big time operation."Spadafora allegedly produced more than $9 million worth of methamphetamine," said Attorney General Thomas Corbett.Agents say 42-year-old Michael Spadafora and three others ran the show, cooking meth in the kitchen and basement of Spadafora's half-million dollar Reading home, a shed and a shipping container. After each meth cook, they say Spadafora put liquid meth in pipes and buried it underground until he needed more. Some of his best customers were right here in our area."We believe Mr. Spadaforas's meth was distributed across southeastern Pennsylvania and was even being supplied to members of the Warlocks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang," said Corbett.The Warlocks have long been linked to meth. Recently, state investigators took down 13 members of the notorious biker gang for dealing the drug. Then Warlocks President Thomas Zaroff was arrested and his garage raided. Just two weeks ago, Corbett's agents broke up a multi-million dollar operation that was shipping crystal meth from Mexico to Philadelphia in porcelain dolls."Definitely what it tells me, there is a problem here in southeastern Pennsylvania with methamphetamine," said Corbett.Corbett says most disturbing was the discovery of a life-size, bullet-riddled target of a police officer found in a suspect's home. "Somebody's learning how to hone in with their weapon and where are they shooting, they're shooting into the heart of a police officer. We have a huge problem in this state, this country with a lack of respect for law enforcement," said Corbett.Agents made undercover purchases of meth from the ring. They seized 68 guns, including half a dozen assault rifles and handguns with silencers. The meth labs were dismantled. Corbett says with the high demand for meth in this area, there's no doubt someone try to take fill the void left by these arrests.


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