Friday, 24 October 2008

Security forces in Abudwaq in central Somalia have shot dead two gang men

Security forces in Abudwaq in central Somalia have shot dead two gang men in an operation against robber men pilfer the civilian vehicles use the roads in the town.
Reports from the town further say that the troops have met with the bandits while they were rummaging around the passengers of civilian vehicle in the town on Wednesday.Two other gangs were also injured in the attack while others escaped.
Authorities blame many attacks on armed militiamen, and evidence signalled involvement in recent killings.This comes following unidentified militiamen have killed four people in the central Somali town of Abudwaq on Sunday night in the first fatal attacks since the Islamist fighters left there.The late civilians were killed when six armed men have opened fire on the while they were sleeping in Dhabad village in Abudwaq of Galgadud region.Three other people were also injured in that attack.It's yet unknown groups/motives behind that killing but some reports say that It was clannish linked killing.The residents of the town have expressed additional concerns on the killing of the civilians.Islamic fighters who wrested control of the town from the tribal militiamen said they would track down the assailants although they've abruptly escaped from the scene after the killing.According to Islamists officials they set up in the town a militia force to enforce their interpretation of Islam and formed a court system that helped desperate Somalis settle disputes.


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