Friday, 24 October 2008

'Bring Me My Machine Gun' 500 youngsters are training in several military boot-camps

500 youngsters are training in several military boot-camps. The FF+ warned that this was a 'volatile sign', noting the growing political unrest in South Africa and noting the great many inciting statements made by ANC leaders such as Ancyl secretary-general Isaac Mahlangu's call for members to 'murder the cockroaches that stand in our way". Incendiary speech and personal abuse have become the languages of discourse of the ANC alliance - and not being nipped in the bud by the leaders
The Natal Witness warned this week that 'this reluctance to act upon that first breach of discipline and good sense may yet cost the ANC dearly. Recent attempts by ANC greybeards to put the genie back in the box have had no effect. That is hardly surprising. As any parent knows, children are adept at reading the subtle clues as to how far they can go. The children of the ANC have read the signals and know that they have an unspoken licence to run riot...' The FF+ also warned that these sort of dehumanising descriptions of political opponents were very reminiscent of similar outbursts over the Hutu-radio stations during the horrible Rwanda genocide in 1994 - and warned that this was the result of 'years of muffled conflict and did not just happen on an impulse, it was well-planned...'ANCYL leader Julius Malema also recently said the group 'would kill for (ANC Party leader) Jacob Zuma..." the FF+ warned in its statement, also noting that Zuma himself is infamous for his incitement to violence by singing 'Bring Me My Machine Gun' at rallies. It's very popular in black SA youth culture, seeing Zuma as 'a revolutionary who will bring the LAND resources back to its indigenous owners'....


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