Friday, 17 October 2008

Eddie James "Stretch" Pugh IV and Barron Lecour "Bam" Borden had a reputation as gangsters long before they were charged in last week's double kidnap

Eddie James "Stretch" Pugh IV and Barron Lecour "Bam" Borden had a reputation as gangsters long before they were charged in last week's double kidnapping and slaying.
Jerome Lorrain, special agent in charge of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, said Thursday in U.S. District Court in Gulfport that Pugh bears tattoos showing his allegiance to the Los Angeles-based Inglewood Bloods, a violent street gang experts say has for years claimed to control the suburb of Inglewood.He also has tattoos on his chest claiming affiliation with the 9th Ward Soldiers, a New Orleans-based neighborhood group that is not considered a formal organized street gang, according to the New Orleans Police Department, though a federal agent said such groups are usually affiliated with drug activity. Borden, 33, has a rap sheet dating back at least to the early 1990s, and has a long-standing reputation as a gangster, according to the lone survivor in the Oct. 8 double kidnapping and murder that originated in New Orleans and ended in Jackson County's Latimer community.
Pugh, Borden, and Pugh's girlfriend, Torenda A. "Tory" (Brooks) Whitmore, 39, are charged with capital murder in Jackson County in the death of South Carolina native Byron Kelsey McCoy, 29, who was visiting the survivor, Rahman MoGilles, in New Orleans at the time.The three face federal charges in the kidnapping of MoGilles, one of Pugh's childhood friends, and McCoy, a friend of MoGilles who'd come to New Orleans to see about getting into a family business there. MoGilles and McCoy met in college in Atlanta.After a preliminary hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert H. Walker ordered the men held without bond, though the three are already ineligible for bond because of the state capital murder charge.At Thursday's hearing several people showed up in support of the suspects, though none wished to comment.During the hearing the FBI's Lorrain said Pugh had been driving from New Orleans to California to report to a probation officer there over the last four months, and he and Whitmore had recently moved in with Pugh's mother in New Orleans, where the alleged kidnapping originated.The federal agent noted the suspects all gave different stories immediately after their arrest, but all three eventually said the reason for the kidnapping was because Pugh thought MoGilles and McCoy were either working with police or trying to rob them of drugs and money.MoGilles told authorities he went to Pugh's home to smoke some marijuana, though Pugh and Borden said MoGilles was there to try to sell them four or five pounds of high-grade marijuana for about $15,000.


These fuckin animals gonna get it.

Get It How You Live In The N.O.L.A.....FREE MY NIGGA BAM

Torenda whitmore is one of the most beautiful people that i have ever met in my life i have had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of my life with her and i have never seen a violent bone in her body, so caring and kind i can't even imagine this not with not her style at all...God fearing, Loving Mother Loved by all how could something like this happen to her.....Your Friends in Cleveland know about your plight and you will not be forgotten...I will pray for you be strong im here if you need me ...Will always Love you....Do

I am also a friend of Torrenda and cannot believe how she became mixed up in something so horrific. I also know her family. This is nothing I could have ever predicted for her future. I am praying for her and her two kids... folks in Cleveland still love U Tori!!!

I'm sure Toe had nothing to do with this thing but in knowing this I too know that no statements should have been made and the first thing her man should have done was to free her so lets all pray for Tori Allah changes all conditions so trust in Allah she'll be okay Inshallah Luv ya Moe

Man i know Toe had nothing to do with that period but what I do is no-one and I mean no-one should have made any statement and they said all three did so thats pretty f***** up Man have to pray for T may Allah protect her and guide her through this Allah controls all things

This is so hard to belive. Tory has always been such a nice person. I am so sad to hear that she had been "caught up" in something so horrible. My prayers go out to her and her children who must somehow move on from this.

Your friends in Cleveland are praying for you.

I feel yall fuck up feelings. however, we DONT KNOW ALLLLLLLLL THE FACTS. Media lies

daddy i love you auntie tori i miss you uncle stretch i miss yall yall will forever be in my heart


FREE BAM........ haterz fall back! i love him, and will be by his side for life! FREE MI BIGG BROTHER! MUCH LOVE TO HIM!

Tori.'. Plz beleive never - give up! Heart bleeds for you! Chef Tony Cleve, Oh.

Everybody that has anythang to do with Bam will tell you its nun-ya bizness! sorry feelings get hurt but ya fuck around, fuck around.Support big bra, cuz he obviosly did the right thang.

fuck all of them....anyone that supports these animals is worse than a dog! these new orleans mutts deserve to get ass raped forever! kelsey didn't deserve this that's who didn't deserve this! fuck that bitch toe....she knew what she was doing and if she was any kind of a mother she would't be dealing with that riff-raff...all of them are the scum of the fucking earth and deserve death and torture....exactly what they inflicted on their victim. this is why your city is under water....i hate all of you supporting these indigents!

I was in prison wit Strech. He one of da realest niggas I ever met

I have known Tori as a young girl. I remember when she moved into my neighborhood. I feel so bad for her getting caught up in something so horrible. I just heard today! My heart hurts for her, because she was always a beautiful person. I don't care what anybody has to say, she was a good person and got caught up in a bad situation. My heart goes out to the family to that lost their loved one.

You sorry fucks. Ylu are the reason we cannot progress. I knew Byron. He did not desreve this. No one does. These is no excuse for this. Just because you knew someone does not make them innocent. Who are you? I knew Byron Kelsey McCoy for 10 years. He did not deserve this. No one does. Just because you knew a murderer does make her actions right. Your song eould be different if someone committed such an inhamane, savage atfack against her. Your friend is alive. Mine is dead. Kelsey was no angel but he was no devil either.

They are all good people just a situation gone bad if you really knew these people for who they really are you would we wonder what really happen that night free my nigga Stretch

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