Thursday, 10 February 2011

Police intervene in Waterhouse gang war

Police intervene in Waterhouse gang war - News - "ST Andrew South Police are moving to quell growing tensions between criminal gangs in Waterhouse community following a drive-by shooting yesterday that left four men nursing gunshot wounds.
“The men were standing in a section of the community called Balcombe Drive when gunmen drove into the area and opened fire hitting them,' said one resident in the area. The incident has since left a tension over the community.
Cops have linked the attacks to an altercation between gangs in the area.
Head of the division, Superintendent Delroy Hewitt, said that hours after the incident police seized two guns and arrested one man.
“After hearing of the incident the police visited the area and during an operation in the area one man was held and two guns found at a premises in the area,” Hewitt said."

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