Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Loyal Soldiers - one of the most violent gangs in the capital

Two teenage gang members were arrested during a series of raids today over a dangerous new weapon being used on London's streets.

The youths are allegedly members of The Loyal Soldiers - one of the most violent gangs in the capital, according to police.

Pellet Pen, Holds 20 .177-cal PelletsAbout 100 officers raided two addresses in Leytonstone after receiving intelligence that two members of the gang, aged 16 and 17, had been in possession of a 'pen gun'.

Police say they are seeing more and more of these weapons, which fire potentially lethal nail-shaped pellets, on the streets. They are lightweight, come disguised as pens and can be bought online easily.

Operation Cinnamon was launched after police found a pen gun wrapped in a sock when a gang was dispersed in November.

After officers in riot gear forced their way into the 16-year-old's terraced house, his father told of his 'huge shock' and said he had no idea his son was involved with"

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