Saturday, 20 December 2008

Malindi Airport ,Two suspected armed robbers were gunned down in a fierce gun battle

Two suspected armed robbers were gunned down in a fierce gun battle between them and police officers near the Malindi Airport on Friday night.An AK 47 rifle and a toy pistol were recovered from the slain suspects while one of their accomplices who was armed with a pistol escaped.Malindi Police Chief Ayub Gitonga Ali and the District Criminal Investigation Officer Mr. John Kariuki who visited the scene said the robbers were preparing to rob a house near the airport were gunned down by flying squad police officers who had trailed tem from Malindi town.Ali said the officers had received a tip off from members of the public and started tailing the suspects and eventually caught up with them at about 8.00pm local time. "Police officers ordered the three to surrender, but the one armed with the pistol opened fire on the officers, who responded and gunned down the two," he said.
Ali said the three were among a group of criminals that the police had been looking for."It was not our wish to kill the suspects because had we arrested them they would have led us to the others but since one of them started shooting at our officers the officers had to defend themselves," he said.Mr. Ali said security had been beefed up in Malindi town especially during this festive season and warned armed gangs to keep off the town."We are in the festive season, and I warn those criminals who may be planning to carry out their activities in Malindi that we are alert and we shall catch up with them," he told reporters.Mr. Ali assured residents and tourists that Malindi was a safe place and asked them to enjoy their holidays in the area without fear.


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