Sunday, 7 December 2008

Gangland characters in Melbourne are most likely to be gunned down in winter between 9pm and midnight.

Most dangerous time for a marked member of Melbourne's underworld is a Monday night in the month of May. Gangland characters in Melbourne are most likely to be gunned down in winter between 9pm and midnight.They will probably be ambushed while sitting in the driver's seat of their car. The hitmen - most likely armed with a handgun or shotgun - will probably shoot from close range. But potential victims can relax a little on Fridays and Sundays - they are the least likely days for underworld killings. As details of seven new murders emerge, a statistical study of our city's previous 27 gangland executions reveals a killing pattern with a distinct Melbourne flavour. At least some of the underworld victims whose stories have been told in the Underbelly TV series may have prolonged their lives by studying the stats. Victorian hitmen have unintentionally left behind some tell-tale signs of where, when and how they are likely to strike. At least 90 per cent of the Melbourne killings were selective murders. It goes without saying that most, if not all, of these people knew their lives were in grave danger. Despite that, most of the victims failed to recognise the kill pattern that could have helped them avoid death or, at the very least, delay it. The fact most of the murders and killings were unrelated meant no one thought to check for an emerging pattern. And, having done the statistics, it turns out Victorian hitmen were unintentionally leaving some telltale signs of where, when and how they were likely to strike - important information for someone under threat. The kill pattern is in contrast, for example, to the pattern left by other assassins around the world. The business of drug trafficking, intimidation, standing over nightclubs and other after-dark activity often accelerates late in the week. This kind of weekend work requires subtle threats and not-so-subtle violence - hence Melbourne criminals often carry guns late in the week and over weekends as a tool of the trade.
The dog-eat-dog world of Melbourne crime also means these criminals are hyper-vigilant about their own safety during business hours. Therefore, hitmen have figured the best time to strike is early in the week. When grouped together these statistics identify the deadliest times in Melbourne's gangland war - a time to kill, if you like. After reading this article, it is inevitable that some will now say: "One easy way of not being shot at close range with a handgun, in May, between 9pm and midnight, on a Monday night and while seated in a car is to avoid being a crook in the first place." But Australia isn't a free-for-all killing field and victims are victims, no matter who they are or what they've done.


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