Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bosnian Muslim gangster war

Three individuals have been wounded in a gangster related drive-by shooting in the suburb of Tuzla and one of the wounded, Damir Mehic, is a close capo of the recently released alleged war criminal Naser Oric.Naser Oric was a Bosnian Muslim commander who exterminated all Serbs around Srebrenica and then had his army devastated by the Serbian General Ratko MladicThe attack in Tuzla came after the two individuals entered their car, Audi Q7, which was then immediately sprayed with bullets. Besides Mehic, known as Bibi, Jasenko Hajdarhodzic was hit in the head and is in a hospital where doctors are battling to save his life.Another individual, Faik C., a worker at the near by Gaz Auto firm, was shot in a knee.“It is a matter of many rounds from two types of weapons,” said Ivo Iveljic.The police is reluctant to describe the shooting as gangster related.Sources, however, say that the hit was ordered by the Bosnian gangster clan chief, Muhamed Ali Gasi, an ethnic Albanian that was once on a Bosnian TV bragging about his criminal heists.The sources say that a rival gang sought to kill Gasi’s capo, Fatmir Mujaj, in the Bosnian night club Icognito.
No arrests have been made.


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