Saturday, 3 October 2009

Four members of Zombie Boys South Florida gang have been indicted by a grand jury three years after a bold daylight ambush left three men dead.

Four reputed members of a South Florida gang have been indicted by a grand jury three years after a bold daylight ambush left three men dead."That shooting was meant to be dramatic," said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle as she announced the arrests. "They all wore black."Rundle showed photos of the incident and said it captured "nationwide attention." She said, "If you look at it, more than 60 shots were fired. They didn't stand a chance. Look at the pictures of this van. When gang members fight and go to war, people die."Then Miami-Dade's top prosecutor, in a dramatic display, showed the type of AK-47 assault rifle that was used. "This is able to shoot off 600 rounds a minute," she said. "This sort of weapon is killing our police and gang members are buying this for just dollars on the street."Miami-Dade's top prosecutor continued her calls for a ban on assault rifles and asked the public to support her and said the media should continue top expose the harm that such assault weapons do. "Those weapons were banned for more than 10 years," she said.CBS4's Peter D'Oench asked Timoney what the message for gang members was. He responded, "Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," said Timoney, "the gang members should keep looking over their shoulder. Law enforcement is coming after you. We are right behind you."Miami Police say the mastermind of the attack was Emmanuel "Mano" Cadillon, whose toddler son was shot and killed a few weeks earlier. It's believed the triple murder was in retaliation for his death.
Cadillon, 28, faces three counts of first-degree murder. He has been behind bars since July 2006, when he was arrested after an all-night SWAT standoff with police in Miramar unrelated to the slayings. Cadillon is serving five years in prison for possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.Cadillon made an appearance in bond court where he had no money in the bank and no job. He's being held without bond.
The Miami-Dade grand jury, which issued the indictments Wednesday, also charged Robert "Chico" Shaw; Junior "RaRa" Sylvin, 27, and Samuel Cadillon, 25, Emmanuel Cadillon's brother.Investigators believe Shaw, Sylvin and the Cadillon brothers were part of a gang called "69th Street" that retaliated against a gang known as the "Zombie Boys."Investigators say, according to our news partner The Miami Herald, that key evidence was found on a phone left at the scene and weapons discovered in a Miami Beach motel room. Also key were Shaw's statements made in prison to other inmates, police said.All four men are currently in jail or prison on unrelated charges. The triple murder took place on June 5, 2006, when at least two cars boxed in a rented Honda van in 1100 block of Northwest 39th Street. The masked gunmen jumped out of the cars, sprayed the van with more than 50 rounds and killed Edwin Terma, 21; Luckson Branel, 19, and Lamar Atron Kelly, 20. Another man was wounded but survived. One month prior to the triple slaying, Emmanuel Cadillon's 18-month-old son, Zykarious, was fatally shot execution-style in the front yard of their Little River home by gunmen apparently targeting Cadillon, police have said.
D'Oench canvassed that neighborhood and found that neighbors were grateful that arrests had been made. "I have a 2-year-old son just like the 18-month-old boy who was killed across the street from me," said Justin DeLancy as he kept an eye on his child, J.J. "I want him to grow up safe here in Little River. It's really a good thing to keep down crime in this neighborhood and keep the criminals off the streets."Next door, neighbor Racius Stvil said, "These gang members are not good for the community. I hope they stay in jail for a long time. This violence is no good."
Police are still investigating the gang's possible connection to a similar triple murder. In January 2007, three people were shot to death inside their SUV in another daylight ambush, this time on Northwest 79th Street in Little Haiti. Killed were Enel Jean, 22, who was on his way back from court; his girlfriend, Sheena Pierre, 21, and Jean's mother, Jean, 47.No arrests have been made in that case.


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