Saturday, 3 October 2009

Copenhagen gang wars Hells Angels AK81

Hells Angels AK81.
"He was brought to the National Hospital trauma center and is conscious and talking, so his condition is not life threatening," detective Jens Christiansen tells to
Ordered into the backyard The incident began when two men drove their car to Korsgade. The two stopped the car and stepped out to call a friend."
They were approached by mob of asylum seekers, asking if the two belonged to the Hells Angels AK81 gang. , they were were threatened with a gun and ordered into a backyard.
The were then searched, and then the began beating the 21-year old with a bottle, and the 19-year old was stabbed. Then Danes tried to escape and took off to opposite directions. He tried to ran towards Korsgade, and was shot. He fell downThe Copenhagen police has interviewed several eyewittnesses.Gang links suspected
"We always suspect gangs, when there are shootings in Nørrebro. We do not know right now whether this is the case this time," says Jens Christiansen. [duh!]
Fled in chaos
Police do not yet know the motive behind the shooting, but after the attack 5 to 8 immigrants fled the scene on foot, bicycles and by car.


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