Monday, 11 May 2009

Hells Angels linked to Aussie ex-pat murder

Sandie Dave, 61, was found battered and stabbed to death at a recycling plant on the Gold Coast, while his wife Susan, 50, was found stabbed and butchered six miles from her husband's body. The owner of a security firm, Sandie was investigated in 2006 after four guns, including two Smith and Wessons, were stolen from his business. At the time the police investigated the victim because the weapons were reported stolen from the wrong address to which they were licensed. Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said he believed they were hunting for more than one person. Playing down the link with biker gang warfare that has recently blighted Australia and other countries, Hutchinson said: "No connection has been established between these offences and any outlaw motorcycle gang. But we're keeping an open mind."


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