Saturday, 5 May 2012

San Jose gang leader nicknamed 'Capone' sentenced to 223 years to life for violent kidnapping

San Jose gang leader whose street name is "Capone" was sentenced Friday to 223 years to life in prison, plus another 112 years, for the violent kidnapping of a man who failed to pay for a delivery of methamphetamine. Saragoza Santos Sanchez, 33, wasn't present during the Jan. 15, 2009, kidnapping, which began in East San Jose, said deputy district attorney David Pandori. But as the leader of a Nuestra Familia street gang regiment, Sanchez ordered it to make an example of the victim for not paying for drugs that had been advanced to him, the prosecutor said. Nuestra Familia (NF) is a violent prison gang with criminal operations that reach far outside prison walls. Facing life behind bars, the actual kidnappers testified against Sanchez. Pandori said they now face sentences of 15 to 24 years in state prison, NF's stronghold. The victim escaped from a moving minivan on Capitol Expressway. Passing motorists called 911 when they saw the victim tumble out. The van fled the scene before police and paramedics arrived. Even before his latest arrest, Sanchez was a three-striker. The court set aside two of his strikes in 2004, allowing him to elude a life sentence. He had been charged with being a felon in possession of a gun and ammunition, plus gang enhancements. Sanchez also was convicted in 1999 of assault with a firearm for shooting at a neighbor.


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