Friday, 15 April 2011

THE top actor who bedded Wayne Rooney’s hooker took his life in his hands because her boyfriend was a gun-running gangster.

Vice girl Helen Wood, 24, claims she charged a world-famous star for sex.

And pals say her gang boss boyfriend Louis Larsson, 25, will be furious about the revelations.

He is currently serving five years for trying to smuggle firearms into the UK.

A friend of the vice girl’s said: “Louis could be very jealous. This actor and Mr Rooney can both count their blessings they got out alive!”

Mum-of-one Helen claims the actor, who is a married man, paid her £195 for sex in a posh apartment.

And, just weeks after their romp, armed police swooped on the couple’s home in Bolton.

Larsson was arrested and officers from Greater Manchester Police’s Xcalibre Organised Crime Unit found gun parts in the home the couple shared.

The raid was staged after UK Border Agency officials had earlier found pistol parts which Larsson was trying to smuggle into Britain from the US.

Helen escaped charges but her boyfriend was jailed in September after admitting a series of firearms offences at Manchester Crown Court.

This is not Larsson’s first spell behind bars.

In 2005 he was jailed for five years and 10 months for a gun raid on a hotel in Blackpool, when a terrified 11-year-old girl begged him not to shoot her dad.

Larsson is so dangerous that Rooney’s security experts warned the star he had put his safety at risk by romping with Helen and 22-year-old Jenny Thompson, who was also dating a villain, in Manchester’s Lowry Hotel.

Helen’s actor punter has won a High Court injunction banning his identity from being released.

She says he booked her through an escort agency and called himself “an actor” but was not wearing a wedding ring and refused to say if he was married.

He paid her for an hour of sex but Helen said he kissed “like a virgin’’.

Her dad Dr Stephen Wood, a music lecturer at Salford University, said he had no idea of the actor’s identity and no longer had contact with his daughter.

The pal added: “Whoever this star is had no clue what a chance they were taking.

“We’ve never really known just how much of Helen’s escorting activities Louis was aware of.”


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