Saturday, 26 March 2011

man believed to be a member of at least two street gangs is being held on $100,000 cash bail, charged with threatening a cab driver with a stolen gun outside the Loring Towers apartments in Salem Wednesday evening.

Terrance Tyler, 28, had appeared in court just a day earlier on charges that he and his brother Reginald Tyler, 22, had just beaten and knocked out the teeth of a Lynn man Monday night. They were released without having to post bail.

But yesterday, after hearing about the new charges against Terrance Tyler, Salem District Court Judge Michael Lauranzano revoked his release in that case and then set $100,000 bail on the new charges — twice what Salem police prosecutor Lt. Conrad Prosniewski was asking.

The cab driver, a 36-year-old African immigrant working for Tom's Taxi, told police that he had dropped off the Tyler brothers outside 1000 Loring Ave., where Terrance Tyler has been living, shortly after 5 p.m.

The two paid their fare but an argument started, during which Tyler allegedly pulled up his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waistband. He also threw a bottle at the cabbie.

"We're gangsters," Tyler allegedly told the cab driver. "We'll (expletive) you up. I'll (expletive) kill you."

Tyler then allegedly told the cab driver to check out Wednesday's Lynn Daily Item, which carried a story about the brothers' arrests.


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