Monday, 17 August 2009

Michael B., was a leading member of the 'Bandidos' rocker gang, switched from the rival 'Hells Angels' gang executed for defection

Berlin has been gripped by a bloody gang war after a renegade rocker was shot
dead in the street
Michael B., was a leading member of the 'Bandidos' motorbike gang, switched from the rival 'Hells Angels' gang executed for defection?The shots were fired from a black delivery van as Michael was walking along the street at midnight. A bullet hit him directly in the heart and an artery in his thigh was also badlydamaged.Residents in Hohenschönhausen in the east of the city heard shots around midnight, according to a police spokesman. The gang member was found lying in the street outside an apartment block.The victim was 33 and lived in the area, and was familiar to police from the rocker scene. He managed to drag himself about 200 metres before he collapsed and died.A doctor tried to resuscitate him but it was too late. An autopsy should be carried out later today to find out the exact cause of death.The investigation has been taken over by the State Office of Criminal Investigation and a murder commission. No suspects have been identified yet but they are the hunt for the black delivery van.An eyewitness reported that the area was flooded with police. The entire block was closed off.Initial reports that the victim was the leader of a rock group called ‘Bandidos’ have not been confirmed. Some rocker gangs, such as the ‘Bandidos’ and ‘Hells Angels’, are bitter rivals and have been waging a bloody war with each other in Germany for years with contract killings and assaults.


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