Saturday, 2 August 2008

California Mexican/Salvadorian street gangs have been broken up into two main factions.

California Mexican/Salvadorian street gangs have been broken up into two main factions. One faction is known as Southern 13’s or Sur who are controlled by the Mexican Mafia. The other fraction is known as the Northern 14’s or North who are controlled by the Nuestra Familia. The Sur and the Norte gangs have now expanded out of California and migrated west for various reasons. They wanted to expand their drug operation, trafficking networks and wanted to leave the violence behind. Some of these Gangs/Organizations even have international ties, i.e., the 18th Street Gang (XV3)(IVIII), Mara Salvatruche (MS) and the Florencia 13 (F13). These gangs have a traditional base as the case of the Maravilla gangs and the White Fence gangs of East Los Angeles that date back to the early 1900’s.
The Mexican Gang:
Members of the NYC were first noticed in 1996, when police responded to violent assaults occurring in weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties frequently by a large group of Mexican immigrants.
Mara Salvatruche:
MS is comprised of mostly Salvadorians. The group was started to protect themselves from the largest street gang in California known as the 18th Street Gang (Mexican descent). Uninformed individuals mistakenly believe all Salvadorian gang members belong to MS. This is an unfair assessment since correctional staff has identified Salvadorian descendents claiming affiliation or membership with Mexican gang groups.
The meaning of Mara Salvatruche: Mara meant gang since it was used by the Maravilla gangs in East L.A. Salva for El Salvador and Truche for beware. MS has become known for their violent history. One of the terrifying aspects of the older veterans of MS members is that they have received Special Forces training from the CIA at their homeland. They have migrated to the United States. Some members have been identified to be former guerilla soldiers who were trained and considered experts at sabotage, explosive manufacturing and are familiar with high power automatic weapons. MS has continued its illegal activity and have been documented and observed in the following counties and states: Texas, Washington, D.C., Nebraska, Oregon, Washington State, Canada, Virginia, the five boroughs of New York, Nassau County, Suffolk County and also have been identified on Riker’s Island.
Rank Structure:
The Mexican Gangs are loosely structured. There is only one leader and few enforcers. Usually, the leader is the individual who started the gang and/or is the smartest; meaning educated here in the US and knowledgeable about the way of life on the streets. The enforcers, who are manipulative, are the wilder more brazen gang members willing to commit robberies, and assaults.
Gang members usually dress in very baggy jeans or khaki pants with baggy shirts.
Gang members will tattoo the name or initials of their gangs on parts of their body. Tattoos such as the Mother Guadeloupe a happy/sad face and the words “mi vida loca” have been observed and could signify gang membership.


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